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A research and development project of the Zurich Centre for Creative Economies (ZCCE) and the ZHdK's quality development department.

About the "SkillMatching" experiment

In its strategy and mission statement, ZHdK claims to qualify its students for professional work in the cultural sector and in other economic and social areas. Teaching should be oriented towards the current demands of possible fields of activity, anticipate them and help shape them.


The Accreditation and Quality Development Office of the ZHdK and the ZCCE have launched the "SkillMatching" project to meet this demand. Here, findings from the ZCCE's many years of research on the labour markets in the creative economies and central concerns of the ZHdK's 2024 Major-Minor study reform come together.


The "SkillMatching" project is an experiment in the sense of the ZCCE's understanding of research, which will be presented for the first time at the Creative Economies Forum 2022 (CEF22). The basis for the experiment is all major programmes approved by the ZHdK board in 2022 for introduction in 2024. 


The ZHdK "SkillMatcher" identifies overlaps between the skills profiles of ZHdK degree programmes and the requirement profiles from job advertisements. ZHdK students are shown the most suitable job profiles for their skills and vacancies.


The ZCCE uses the experience gained at CEF22 to further develop the research field of "skills". The Accreditation and Quality Development Office will use these for the internal processes of programme development and quality assurance.


Information on the further course of the project can be found at

About Scrambl.

The company Scrambl. is a project partner. Based on an innovative skill-matching algorithm and a self-learning skills database consisting of approx. 70,000 skills and more than 5 million unique semantic relationships, Scrambl. brings employees and employers together. The intelligent technology matches job and education profiles with the requirements of 180,000 job advertisements from Swiss companies every day.


This makes it possible to find jobs that match individual skills and life situations, or the most suitable people for the requirements of a company.

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