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Join us on our mission.

Our advanced skill matching technology efficiently and effectively connects companies with qualified candidates. It is our goal to make the hiring process faster, easier and more successful for all parties involved.

We are Scrambl.


Dr. Marc Burkhalter


I think about the world on a large scale and try to see success in the small things. I am a firm believer in self-responsible, multicultural collaboration and clear deadlines. When I'm not passionately advocating for collaborative value creation in digital ecosystems, I enjoy hiking with a tent somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


Christina Weibel


My eye for detail and aesthetic sense of order makes developers uncomfortable and makes user interfaces and presentations shine. When I'm not in the digital world, I'm probably somewhere in nature. Interested in trends and social issues.

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Nathalie Knöpfel

Growth & Sales Managerin

My ambitions drive me to tackle new challenges. With my honest and empathetic nature, I score points with my friends and family. I love to travel and discover new places and cultures. I unleash my creativity through playing the piano, crocheting, and painting.


Ann-Kristin Poppe

Talent Acquisition Manager

Since 2021, I've been playing matchmaker between our talents and our clients at Scrambl, writing stories with a happy ending. I am an absolute animal lover and spend my free time working towards a better life for the street dogs of Sri Lanka.


Johannes Wotzka


Being entrepreneurial since school days, I am always on the lookout for new technologies and interesting applications. Apart from hardware and software, you can usually find me outdoors, preferably near good food.


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Nina Dâmaso

Growth Manager

I am an unwavering optimist and ready to face any challenge. Firmly believing in equality and human potential, I am a polyglot. You can usually find me in warm places, where I can be found on a surfboard or a yoga mat.


Marwan Abou Esmaail

Software Developer

Humanity and justice line my path in life. I am an advocate for diversity, a junior developer, a senior food lover, and a big fan of traveling to explore places and meet people.


Iris Kreye

Job Data Quality & Ads Manager

My interest lies in delivering the best possible information to the right recipient at the right time, mostly in digital form nowadays. Away from the computer, I organize language meetups, hike through the Alps, Apennines, or Black Forest, and explore all the landscapes in between on my bike.

Are you writing a master's thesis on artificial intelligence, data science, human resources, or something similar? We promote knowledge exchange and look forward to your message.

We are remote natives.

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We are 100% digital, but we still value personal communication with you.

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