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Find the most suitable job with our SkillMatcher.

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Your Benefits.

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Intelligent matching

The dynamic algorithm identifies the jobs that best match your profile and sends you new suggestions whenever a suitable job is posted. You do not need to search for offers on different platforms.

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Easy and fast

To apply, we need your LinkedIn profile or CV with contact information to connect you with the company.

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Person of contact

Throughout the application process via the Scrambl platform, you have a primary person of contact: We keep you informed, provide feedback, and ensure that you always know where you stand.

Create your skill profile in 3 steps.

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Define milestones

Choose your professional milestones to automatically add the most important skills.

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Select personality type

Add the most suitable personality characteristics to further improve job matches.

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Optimize skill profile

In this step, you have the opportunity to further customize your skill profile and add or remove individual skills.

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